Diablo3 open beta!!!

DiabloIII open beta will start at 20.04.2012 arround 21:00 !!! be prepared



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Books and

Must reads:

Game of Thrones

Blackout (only in german atm i think)


Tv shows comming up:

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

The middle



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Random Infos

I started playing LOL (League of Legends)

Realy nice and free to play!

Find me there as CowHunterFunk ... pretty much people play it so there was no much room for a better name but well cowhunterfunk is just awesome..:D




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Games Games Games

The year 2012 - Big shadows are rising - nothing will be the same as before.

15-05-2012  a date to remember! When the new world of Diablo III will bring us the darkness to our screens again.


I am looking forward to some epic monster-slaming-action!




Metro 2033 the last light will also kick ass - i hope.

Did you read the Book Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky?

If not .. dot it! ... I played the game Metro 2033  after

that i had to read the book, because the story realy kicks ass.



More games you should check out: 

Sc2 Heart of the Swarm,  Wow Mists of Pandoria, Risen2 Dark Waters, ...



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My first own blog ...

So, I am not sure what this blog will be about. 

First some infos: 

I am from Austria so you may think that my english is pretty

creepy... but well i do not care


This blog will show you things i am interested in and you may also

find interesting ... or not.


so stay tuned for following entrys.



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